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Activities to Help Stay Warm

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    When the thermometer begins to fall, all that matters is staying warm and comfortable. Here are a few ways to keep the body feeling warm without breaking the bank.

    • Exercise - whether it’s walking the dog, bikram yoga or cross fit classes, 20 minutes of vigorous exercise gets the blood flowing to warm up the body while offering great health benefits.
    • Add certain ingredients into midweek cooking as foods such, as ginger and chilli, to increase the body temperature.
    • Enjoy a warm beverage - such as herbal tea or hot chocolate – or a hearty soup or curry for instant relief from the cold.
    • Cooking - in particular, baking and roasting - operates at higher temperatures. This means you’ll enjoy a delicious homemade meal, saving money from ordering take-out, as well as creating warmth by distributing hot, dry air throughout the home.
    • Layer up on clothing - heat escapes the body through the head, neck and feet, so ensure there’s an adequate supply of hats, scarves and socks to cover extremities.
    • Seal any cracks or gaps in windows, as well as draught proofing areas underneath doors, as warmth is easily lost through these openings.
    • Drying laundry indoors?  Using portable heaters to stay warm can serve multiple purposes.  Place clothes racks in heated living areas to speed up the drying process without needing to rely on dryers, which can be expensive to operate.  However, be extremely careful to keep the rack a safe distance from heaters to avoid accidents caused by falling clothing items.

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