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Keeping Pets Warm in Winter

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    The colder it gets, the more important it is to keep the entire household warm - including our beloved pets. Below are a few tips pet lovers can follow to safeguard furry friends from catching a chill.


    • Add extra layers of old linen or pet-friendly carpet pieces to your pet’s bedding and shelter. Top it with a bit of tarpaulin to keep the insulation in place.
      • Leave a hot water bottle underneath bedding for extra comfort
      • Move your pet’s bedding to a warmer spot (off tiles and away from doors where draughts are prone)
        • Draught-proofing areas underneath doors also helps keep some of the cold air out
      • Provide cats and dogs with an extra layer of warmth with pet-friendly sweaters and jackets. You can find these online and in stores from a number of retailers.
        • Other cost-effective options including DIY outfits using old fabrics or clothes, reusing old pet costumes or picking up a new set from the local bargain store.
      • For dogs, exercise is vital in any season.
        • Short-haired breeds require extra warmth on their daily walks during winter, while smaller breeds lose body heat quickly. Add a layer of clothing to ensure your canine is comfortable on his/her walk in the cold.  Dry them off as soon as you get home if walking in drizzle or rain.
        • Trade long walks for multiple shorter ones: this ensures your pet gets the exercise he/she needs without catching a cold.
      • Spend lots of time with your furry counterparts.
        • Give felines and canines lots of affection. Whether it is petting behind the ears, belly rubs or hugs, a little TLC goes a long way in warming your pet’s heart.
        • This also means pet owners can easily detect any sudden changes in health
      • Provide lots of clean water - even in winter - to prevent pets from becoming lethargic and dehydrated from heated indoor environments.

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