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Staying Sane with Sand

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    You know that feeling when you get home from the beach and it feels like the beach followed you home?  There is no end to the places sand can penetrate and it can drive even the most laid back of us crazy. Clothes, cars, furniture, floors and even the washing machine can feel the effects of sand overload.

    Here are our tricks and tools to keeping the home and vehicles sand free zones once and for all.

    1.  When you pack the car ready for a day at the beach, think about how you’re going to manage the wet towels, swimmers, snorkels, buckets and spades.  Always remember to bring a plastic bag to separate wet items at the end of the day.  And if the boot is big enough, keep a plastic tub there to throw beach toys and wet items into.  These tubs are easy to rinse out when you get home, ready for the next outing. 
    2. Rinse and shake out items before getting back in the car.  That includes shoes, boogie boards and towels.
    3. When you get home, there’ll always be a little leftover sand on the floor and upholstery of the car.  Just grab a hand vac, like the Captiv12V Portable Vacuum, to pick up any loose grains on seating, underfoot or in the boot.  It will be cleaned up in seconds and there’s no need to grab an extension cord thanks to its cordless operation.  It cleans up both wet and dry spills.
    4. Once you’re home, shake all clothes and towels well before placing in the washing machine.  Pockets and gussets in board shorts and swimming costumes are particularly good hiding spots for sand.  Excess sand is hard to remove from the washing machine and can cause problems over time.  A bristled doormat is the perfect way to rub off any loose grains of sand from feet before coming inside.  Nobody likes the feeling of walking on sandy carpets, rugs or hard floors.
    5. A spill of sand is easy to clean up with a good vacuum cleaner.  Swap to the crevice tool to get in between sofa seating to pick up hard to reach sand and snack crumbs.



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