A Perfect Pantry

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The heat is here and it seems inescapable. But there are several things that you can do to make the heat more bearable for all members of your family.... Continue reading

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You have cleaned the house from top to bottom; floors, walls, cupboards and benches, but have you looked at your appliances recently. There are crumbs... Continue reading
Microwaves are a must-have appliance for most Australian families. To ensure your microwave perform to its best and remains a hygienic way to cook or ... Continue reading

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Using the correct temperature to iron out wrinkles can make the difference between easy glides and a permanent wardrobe malfunction. The right tempera... Continue reading
Hands up who loves cleaning!  OK, neither do we. However, wet rooms - particularly the kitchen - are an ideal breeding ground for pests and ger... Continue reading
With warmer weather comes the anticipation of enjoying outdoor picnics and barbecues on the deck.   We are a little eager with summer just ... Continue reading
Silk fabrics create a luxurious look and become even more popular as we move towards warmer temperatures. For fans of delicate fabrics such as silk, ... Continue reading

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A sprinkle of chopped fresh herbs can add zing to leftover soups, pastas or side dishes. But how often have you added a bouquet of fresh herbs to the ... Continue reading

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We all know that drinking lots of water is good for the mind, body and soul. It keeps the body feeling hydrated and helps keep hunger pains at bay, it... Continue reading
Whether you love it or hate, ironing seems to be an unescapable chore. Each week the pile seems to grow and grow until it’s unavoidable. Here are a fe... Continue reading

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As the cold weather sets in, there is nothing better than relaxing in your cosy warm home and in order to achieve this, you need to right type of heat... Continue reading