A Perfect Pantry

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Christmas is nearly upon us, so I thought I’d share a fun Christmas craft that’s great to do with the kids and makes a fun gift too! CHRISTMAS TOTE ... Continue reading
Summer holidays aren’t traditionally a time when we want to press a business shirt or iron clothes.  But that doesn’t mean ironing can’t be used ... Continue reading

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Using the correct temperature to iron out wrinkles can make the difference between easy glides and a permanent wardrobe malfunction. The right tempera... Continue reading
Silk fabrics create a luxurious look and become even more popular as we move towards warmer temperatures. For fans of delicate fabrics such as silk, ... Continue reading
Whether you love it or hate, ironing seems to be an unescapable chore. Each week the pile seems to grow and grow until it’s unavoidable. Here are a fe... Continue reading
A person spends an average of eight hours in bed every 24 hours. Overnight, about one gram of skin and nearly half a litre of water (in sweat) are los... Continue reading

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Whether you love or hate ironing, there is nothing worse than being in a rush only to find your iron is either not working properly or not working at ... Continue reading
Nothing can sharpen up an outfit more easily than a crisply ironed shirt or pants.  Yet, many of us think we just don’t have time for this finish... Continue reading
Whether it’s wearing your sharpest outfit to a client meeting or a favourite frock for a night out - it is a common belief that when you look good, yo... Continue reading