A Week in the Life of an Air Chef Owner

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    Kambrook has recently launched the Air Chef air frying oven. You’ve probably seen it, or a similar competitor brand, cooking up chips in a healthier fashion.  My own guilty little secret is that I am the owner of not just one, but two Kambrook deep fryers – one to make chips, the other chicken wings – two of my favourite things.  So, in an attempt to make the foods I love a bit, well, healthier, and admittedly with a bit of scepticism thrown in, I decided to give the Air Chef a go.


    And you know what?  I absolutely LOVE IT!  In fact, as the Air Chef is basically a mini fan-forced oven, there isn’t anything I haven’t cooked in it.  It has seriously become my go-to appliance.  Who knew it would prove to be so versatile?  The basket design, although a bit oddly shaped to allow for even heat circulation, is like a combination baking tray/basket  – just right for holding a variety of foods, and with a simple shake or turn during the cooking process, everything I cook  is coming out perfect. 


    As for that healthier aspect, I feel good that the fat is able to drop away from the food into the pan below.  Those chicken wings I so love?  They come out just as tender and juicy without the guilt factor.  Using the Air Chef also means I am not constantly buying and replacing litres and litres of oil or dealing with those lingering odours.  So, do I miss my deep fryers?  Not for a second.  Better still, on those hot, summer nights where I used to send hubby out for takeaway to avoid turning the oven on, the Air Chef has been a real (cost) saviour.  It doesn’t heat the house up and it starts cooking as soon as I turn it on – little or no pre-heating needed. 



    For hubby and me, the Air Chef has been a fantastic addition to our kitchen, easily cooking enough for two a large variety of our favourite foods and more.  But just to keep things fair, and because I love it so much, I am happy to declare that I am now the proud owner of two!



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