Chocolate Tempering Course

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    Last week, a few of the girls from Kambrook attended a chocolate Hand Tempering on Marble course over at Coco Chocolate at their Kirribilli store, which by the way is in the most gorgeous location. Look at the view!



    The experience was magical. We made three divine treats:


    This is our take on the day:

    I went to this course prepared to make chocolate from scratch but it was really more of a lesson in chemical manipulation. Not to worry, though, enjoyed the easy-going hands-on tutorial format and had some good laughs. And milk chocolate with hazelnut and sea salt is my new favourite. Kambrook aprons were envied…walked out naked (okay sans apron at least).



    What a way to spend the day – tempering and eating chocolate! We got to make a huge mess, have a laugh, and learn about the art of chocolate making. I endeavoured to put my coordination skills to the test as I poured the liquid chocolate into the trays and tapped them on the end of the table to achieve an even consistency. It worked out in the end, thanks to help from our chocolatier. I found my talent in the flaking of the chocolate for the hot chocolate recipe. That was once I got the angle of the equipment spot on. Thankfully, no-one saw the chocolate flinging around the place during my practice run. The best part of the day was eating everything we made…YUM!


    The course was held at a beautiful, quaint location overlooking the water. The staff was wonderful. It was a great way to spend Friday with the Kambrook team. Chocolate is so much more than just me devouring it. It’s actually an art form! Interesting fact from the day is that cocoa plants only grow at certain altitudes in the tropics of 20 degrees above and below the equator. Who would have thought?
    On another note, my clumsiness came out two fold during the day. When I attempted to assist the chocolatier by removing the chocolate tray from the fridge, I accidently broke someone’s chocolate blocks. Eeeeekkkkk! Major whoops! After that, I was known as ‘Kambrook.’


    As a chocolate lover, I just knew this course would be great, even before I arrived. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by chocolate? And let me say, everyone there were major chocoholics. There was a lot of bowl licking going on. Not by me of course:) The workshop ran by Coco Chocolate was fantastic. Plus, they melt all their chocolates in microwaves – I like the sound of that. In addition to making dark chocolate blocks, slaps with nuts and salt, and then hot chocolate, we also learnt a great deal about the process of making chocolate. On a side note, I just used the word chocolate seven times in one paragraph. Just not enough… here’s a few more – chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. This is us making hot chocolate… so yum.


    If you’re interested in the course or their chocolates, you can check them out here.


    Have you ever done a chocolate course? What did you learn?

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