A Perfect Pantry


Born and raised in New York state, Zuckerberg began writing software as a hobby in middle school, with help from his father and a tutor (who called him a prodigy). In high school, he excelled in classic literature and fencing while studying at Phillips Exeter Academy.

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Last weekend was my partner’s birthday. It was a drizzly weekend but we made the most of it, finding ourselves tripping through wineries and dancing through stunning restaurants with impressive menus. 

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A few weeks ago, I spent a sunny Saturday at Sule’s house where she runs her 'Gourmet Touch Turkish Cooking Classes'.

Sule takes pride in introducing new tastes to people through the Cronulla and Bundeena markets. Her classes include ingredients that many people may not know how to use and encourages them to create delicious and exciting dishes at home.

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After our first ordeal driving a car in America, we arrived at the pineapple plantation in Hawaii. Yes, there was an incident where we may have driven on the wrong side of the road, lost our map out of the window and screamed at each other until we laughed hysterically but we made it, and that was the main thing.

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I met Tim, my local butcher at the growers markets in Ramsgate near my place. We had a chat about the important things when buying and cooking meat. Let us take care of your wallet and your taste buds.

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Every few months, the Kambrook team learns a new thing or two about a different type of food or cuisine. This time, we made our very own sushi rolls, using our jar rice cooker, as well as a yummy Asian style salad made in our very own food processor. Look at the mess we got into!

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