Autumn is the time to indulge in figs.  A little exotic and somehow luxurious in flavour the fig is a wonderful addition to your Blitz2Go recipe collection. Once they are picked they ripen fast so must be used reasonable quickly.

This smoothie is more like a thick-shake by the time the nuts thicken the Almond Milk. It has a wonderful creamy flavour, luscious and nutty.

If you are seeking breakfast “on the run” this smoothie will keep you going until lunch time.





  1. Add the milk, macadamias and chia seeds to a Blitz2Go bottle and blend until reasonably smooth
  2. Scoop the flesh of the figs into the container and give a quick pulse to combine
  3. Enjoy!



b2ap3_thumbnail_Kyrstie-Barcak-profile-image-AFL.jpg Recipes created and shared by Kyrstie Barcak at A Fresh Legacy – Grow Fresh Cook Fresh

She aims to inspire others to grow and cook fresh food and involve her children in the process and activities. She is slowly taking over the family backyard, planting as many vegetables as possible in the available space. When there is not enough to eat from the garden Kyrstie and her family support local farmers and businesses. 

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