1. Pre-heat your frypan by turning the heat setting dial to maximum until the orange light is no longer illuminated. Place 2 tbsp. of the peanut oil into the frypan and add the mushrooms. Saute for 2 minutes then add the shallots, spinach, pepper and ½ tbsp. soy sauce. Stir until the spinach is wilted, turn the frypan off and unplug and then remove the mushrooms, using a silicon spoon. Strain the liquid from the mushroom mix.
  2. Mix the eggs, cream and remaining soy sauce together. Plug the frypan back into the power then turn the dial to setting 4 and pre-heat until 5the orange light is no longer illuminated. Add the remaining peanut oil to the frypan, add the egg mix and spread out to cover the entire surface. Let cook for 3-4 minutes then turn the frypan off and unplug from the main power. Slide the egg out onto a large flat chopping board and then place the mushroom mix in a straight line along one end of the omelette. Using a wide spatula, roll the omelette from one end to the other end.
  3. Slice the omelette into 4 and serve with a drizzle of oyster sauce.