1. Mix BBQ Sauce and Worcester Sauce together. 
  2. Place Chicken into the Slow Cooker. 
  3. Pour BBQ mixture over Chicken. 
  4. Turn over and cover again with BBQ mixture. 
  5. Turn Slow Cooker onto low and cook for 2-3 hours.
  6. Remove Chicken when cooked and shred with a fork
  7. Return Chicken to Slow Cooker and mix it into the BBQ mixture
  8. Remove and use hot or refrigerate for later.

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a1sx2_Thumbnail2_Yvette.jpgRecipe created by Yvette Bowyer of Little Bento Blog

Dealing with her own fussy eaters has inspired Yvette to find new ways to expose her children to the colours, textures and tastes of healthy eating and Little Bento Blog is where she share her ideas for the Bento style lunches. Passionate about Bento style lunches and believes that thinking outside of the square sandwich and getting a little creative with the every day lunchbox can do wonders for the appetite and imagination of your child.

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