Beetroot is one of the few vegetables that can be grown year around in many areas of Australia.

It is a great addition to a backyard garden as it is easy to grow, requiring little care.

I added a Granny Smith apple to this recipe; you could add any apple variety of your choice.

I had intended to make this recipe with green tea but I had run out so used a pretty pink rosehip instead, resulting is a glorious coloured shake that is a little bit sweet.


Beetroot is said to help reduce blood pressure. The pigment that gives beetroot its gorgeous colour is an antioxidant.  It is high in folate and vitamin K  as well as iron.*

This recipe takes a little longer to prepare than my usual Blitz2Go recipes as I cooked the beetroot and the apple prior to adding them to the Blitz2Go. You could do this a day ahead if you were making this as a breakfast juice.





  1. Set a pot of water to boil and add the beetroot and apple to cook. Remove when softened. The apple will cook faster than the beetroot and can be removed first
  2. Boil a jug of water to steep the tea
  3. Allow the tea and apple and beetroot to cool and then add to the Blitz2Go container
  4. Blitz until smooth




b2ap3_thumbnail_Kyrstie-Barcak-profile-image-AFL.jpgRecipes created and shared by Kyrstie Barcak at A Fresh Legacy – Grow Fresh Cook Fresh

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