1. Preheat the air frying oven to 180°C by turning the timer dial to 5 minutes.
  2. Cut the cauliflower into flowerets, place them in a microwave safe dish with ½ cup of water, cover with plastic wrap. Cook for 4 minutes. Remove from microwave and coat in olive oil and salt.
  3. Once the ‘HEATING’ light goes off on the air frying oven, turn the timer to 10 minutes. Place cauliflower into the air frying oven basket, and allow to cook, until it starts to colour.
  4. To make the vinaigrette, place vinegar, oil, mustard, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix until it combined.
  5. Combine the cauliflower, pomegranate seeds, tomatoes, speck, ricotta and mixed leaf. Pour the dressing over the top, toss lightly and serve on a platter or board.


TIP: If you can’t find Pomegranate balsamic vinegar, simply use balsamic vinegar.