A good chia tea is a thing of great pleasure. It is not easy to find one that has just the right blend of spice, sweetness and tea. As a busy mum, my tea often sits somewhere in the kitchen, or my desk until it gets cold and is barely touched. As the weather warms I tend to forego the hot (or not!) cups of tea and coffee and opt for a cold one instead.

Spring is still shifting between glimmers of warmth and back to coolness. This recipe was inspired by the warm weekend sunshine. I hope that you got to enjoy some too.






  1. Make your chia tea and allow it to sit to steep and then cool
  2. Add the banana, the cool tea and the milk to the smallBlitz2Go container
  3. Pulse to combine
  4. Serve with ice cubes if you wish and a sprinkle of raw cocao powder
  5. Enjoy!



b2ap3_thumbnail_Kyrstie-Barcak-profile-image-AFL.jpgRecipes created and shared by Kyrstie Barcak at A Fresh Legacy – Grow Fresh Cook Fresh

She aims to inspire others to grow and cook fresh food and involve her children in the process and activities. She is slowly taking over the family backyard, planting as many vegetables as possible in the available space. When there is not enough to eat from the garden Kyrstie and her family support local farmers and businesses.

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