How to Stay Cool in Summer

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    The heat is here and it seems inescapable. But there are several things that you can do to make the heat more bearable for all members of your family.

    Mix up your summer diet:

    • Stock up your fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables for snacking on throughout the day
    • Always have plenty of chilled water and ice cubes readily available
    • Add mint to water and other cool drinks  to help you feel refreshed
    • Plan light and fresh salad based meals as heavier hot meals can leave you feeling sluggish

    Keep your house cool:

    • Close windows, blinds and curtains around the house when the sun is beaming in
    • Open windows when they are shaded and there is a breeze
    • Hot air rises, so stick to downstairs areas
    • Turn off heat sources and avoid using appliances that create a lot of heat eg: ovens
    • Cool the room you are in. High velocity floor fans are great for bigger spaces, while tower and floor fans are more suited for small to medium sized rooms

    Sleeping in heat:

    • Leave a fan on a low setting in bedrooms.  Angle the fan away from the beds, to prevent you from getting the chills but still allows the air to circulate throughout the room
    • Air your bedding; remove sheets and pillowcases and allows them to air in the coolest part of your home during the day. The bedding should feel fresh and cool when remade
    • Have a set of summer bedding; including thin silk sheets and pillowcase and lightweight blankets

    Keep your pets cool:

    • Freeze large ice blocks for your furry friends to enjoy throughout the day, especially if they are home alone
    • Ensure there are always shady places in your backyard to your pets to escape to
    • Keep your pet’s hair shorter during the long months

    Keep yourself cool:

    • Do labour intensive chores and exercise early in the morning or late in the evening when it is coolest
    • Always stay hydrated
    • Apply damp cloths to your neck to instantly cool down
    • Place a bowl of ice in front of a fan on medium speed to create an icy fresh breeze


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