Summer holidays aren’t traditionally a time when we want to press a business shirt or iron clothes.  But that doesn’t mean ironing can’t be used for some creativity and fun!  Iron-on transfers are popular for labelling school clothes at the start of each year, but did you know you can print your very own images onto iron-on transfers yourself? 

Check out a range of iron-on inkjet transfer papers available online which can transform your favourite photos or illustrations into wearable and shareable pieces of art.

Simply use a regular iron adjusted to the correct fabric setting (100% cotton is the most suitable for applying transfers) and follow the instructions to reveal your handmade and totally unique creation.

The iron-on concept is great for:

-          Personalising t-shirts with photos

-          Creating festively themed napkins and tablecloths

-          Adding quirky messages onto tea towels

-          Applying children’s names onto Santa sacks

-          DIY graphic cushion covers.


All you need is a great iron and oodles of imagination!