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Kataifi-Wrapped Prawns with Lemon Garlic Butter

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    With Christmas just around the corner and the Party Season in full swing, it’s dishes like these that make celebrations so special. While prawns may be more expensive than you would normally budget for, you can find regular specials , so snap them up when you can and freeze them until you are ready to cook with them. Once you thaw them, cook them as soon as possible.

    Kataifi pastry is a Greek speciality and you can find it in larger supermarkets in the freezer section near filo. It is the same consistency as filo pastry but shredded -  looks like a bunch of straw, but simply tease it out. A little goes a long way – one packet of pastry will do for 20 prawns.




    Serves 4 as a main meal or 6 as an entree


    • 20 large green prawns
    • 100g butter
    • 5 cloves garlic, finely chopped
    • Zest and juice of 2 lemons
    • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
    • 350g pack Kataifi pastry
    • A little oil spray


    1. To prepare the prawns, remove their heads and peel the shells away from the body, leaving the tail intact. Use a small sharp knife to slice along the back of each prawn, then de-vein them.
    2. Melt the butter in a small saucepan over low heat. Add the finely chopped garlic and  lemon zest and sauté for 2 minutes until fragrant. Add the lemon juice and season with a little salt and pepper. Pour half the garlic butter over the prawns and toss thoroughly to coat the. Set the remaining butter sauce aside in a small bowl, ready to serve.
    3. Turn the air-chef on and preheat to 180°C. Line the base of the tray with a sheet of foil.
    4. Remove the pastry from the bag and gently tease out the strands.
    5. Remove a small bunch of about 1 tablespoons of pastry and lay it in a 15cm strand on the clean bench top. Place one butter and garlic-soaked prawn at one end of the pastry and roll it up to completely coat the prawn but leave the tail exposed. The buttery coating should help the pastry stick to the prawn. Repeat with remaining prawns and pastry.
    6. Spray the kataifi-wrapped prawns with some oil spray. Place the prawns in the air-fryer basket and set the timer to 10 minutes. When the timer bell goes off, open the air-fryer, and use long-handled tongs to move the prawns around to expose the undercooked parts. Return the basket to the airfryer and cook for a further 5 minutes. Move the prawns around again and cook for a final 5 minutes. 
    7. Serve the hot and crunchy prawns on a large platter with a few salad leaves and wedges of lemon or lime near by. Have the butter close by so that everyone can serve themselves. Serve at once.




    b2ap3_thumbnail_image005.jpgRecipe created and shared by Sandra Reynolds

    Sandra Reynolds has written over 1000 nutritious budget-friendly recipes for her blog The $120 Food Challenge, surviving unemployment payments and Aldi checkout lines along the way and turned personal adversity into a thriving blog.

    Her first cookbook, The $120 Food Challengeis published by Penguin Viking and Sandra is now writing her second cookbook. She still shops at Aldi every week.

    • Kim Miller 17 November 2014

      Kambrook Air Chef would be an amazing addition because I could cook my favourite meals more healthier, love to try fish and chips with this.

    • Kathryn Staples 17 November 2014

      The Kambrook Air Chef air fryer would finally allow me to cook all of those delicious fried recipes that I have always been afraid to cook - I have a massive fear of setting the kitchen on fire like a friend did when cooking hot chips in oil on the stove when we were teenagers!

    • Carolyn 17 November 2014

      I'd be so excited to cook with a Kambrook Air Chef Air Frying Oven: spring rolls, crispy whitebait and lovely roast veggies, without the smoke and splatter and hot, hot kitchen.

    • Jenny Swift 17 November 2014

      I'd never heard of an air frying oven before, sounds awesome! Love Kambrook appliances, great quality and value. Would love to try creating air-fryed donuts, yum!

    • Tara 17 November 2014

      We don't eat fried food any more so this air fryer would be an amazing way to revisit some old family favourites. I know it's old school but I'd love to make some 'healthy' scotch eggs!

    • frugal hausfrau 17 November 2014

      I have been wanting one of these for a long time! Of course, a good bit over my budget, but I think it would be very helpful for my diet, which by docs orders means low fat, healthy foods!

    • Beckmg 17 November 2014

      Sounds like a much healthier alternative to making some quick, easy cook meals and snacks. Make life much easier for a person with three kids to chase and a farm to look after :)

    • kevin 17 November 2014

      I've given up on fried food but this air fryer would soon make me change my mind

    • Kate welsh 17 November 2014

      My friend has one and loves it. I'd make sweet potato fries. Just can't get me crispy enough in the oven and they would really help my new way of eating

    • Karen Suljic 17 November 2014

      This would be the perfect edition to our household as my daughter is health conscious and I need to reduce my cholesterol. This would enable creativity and variety in our meals.

    • Judith Ann 18 November 2014

      I want one! I could make easy, healthy meals for my baby Grandchildren. Not to mention how much easier a meal for 2 (Hubby and I) this would make. Air-fried vegetables galore for me :D

    • Nic 18 November 2014

      This would be perfect for cooking all those delicious finger food type treats.

    • Christine 18 November 2014

      So need one of these healthy here I come

    • Scott Martin 18 November 2014

      Living in Longreach QLD it's HOT all the time, so frying is generally out of the question. But with the Kambrook, it would allow my children to have deep fryer treats now and again.

    • Dyan Houghton 18 November 2014

      Wow! This IS a box of Awesome! Sandra, your recipe looks and sounds absolutely amazing - the perfect Christmas dish for a hot clime. BUT, it looks like you can do a WHOLE LOT MORE with this little beast .. and I'd love the opportunity to be able to try out all the recipes!

    • Laurel Frawley 18 November 2014

      WoW, what an innovative idea...Kambrook has done it again!!!!!

    • Laurel Frawley 18 November 2014

      WOW!!!! What an innovative idea, Kambrook, you've done it again!!!

    • Laurel Frawley 18 November 2014

      WOW!!!! What an innovative idea, Kambrook, you've done it again!!!

    • Lisa 18 November 2014

      These look seriously amazing! Air fryer just suddenly jumped up my must have NOW list! Oh husband dearest....

    • Hannah 18 November 2014

      This would be the perfect addition to my kitchen because I plan to experiment with air-fried salted caramel donuts.

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