Two weeks ago I succumbed to the winter cold that my children had shared with me. This week I can feel my throat tickling again so I have been drinking this winter green smoothie in an attempt to ward off any further illness.

I hadn’t previously tried turmeric in a smoothie but one of my Facebook community mentioned that she had been using it across winter along with ginger in her smoothies.  I added a tiny little pinch of chilli flakes to this smoothie. Give it a try if you are brave enough. The turmeric provides a nice peppery addition to the drink and cuts the sweetness of the apple juice.  

Add ginger if you are unable to find fresh turmeric, or if you prefer the flavour. 

An apple a day is meant to keep the doctor away.  I’ll let you know if that is true in the case of this smoothie, regardless it tastes great.  Take advantage of winter’s fresh seasonal produce and stay warm and well.

Please note that fresh turmeric may stain bench tops and fingers. Use gloves if you wish to and do not leave any pieces on the bench top, prepare on a chopping board.

Spinach Apple Turmeric Blitz2Go Smoothie




  1. Add ingredients to the Blitz2Go container
  2. Pulse and serve 


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