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    Need a great Mother’s Day gift idea? Check out our new TV commercial for Kambrook's One Pot Wonder range featuring four great products under $100. Nudge nudge, hint hint!


    Watch Kambrook's One Pot Wonders TV Commercial

    These TV ads will be running for two weeks, featured on both free-to-air channels and pay-TV on the Lifestyle Food channel.

    Some of our One Pot Wonders

    Your slow cooked lamb shanks and stews are served in minutes not hours. Fast and healthy meals.


    Simply add fresh ingredients, choose your setting, and in around 20 minutes enjoy your favourite hot soup.


    Now The Winning Part

    ** This Competition has now finished, thank you to all who participated! **

    The two lucky winners of the Watch & Win! contest from Kambrook are: Brigita Grgic and Kerry Distel.

    We are so excited about our new TV commercial that we’ve decided to give two (2) lucky winners the chance to win either a Kambrook Soup Simple Soup Maker or a Kambrook Pressure Express Pressure Cooker.

    All you have to do is watch the above TV commercial, and post your 25 words or less response in the comments section of this blog post: What type of soup was shown in the TV commercial, and what is your favourite winter warming meal?

    Please note:

    • Only one entry per person
    • Open to Australian residents only
    • Two (2) winners will be selected by Kambrook
    • The winners will be contacted by email and Kambrook reserves the right to announce the winners on their online blog

    This competition will run from 9am 29th April 2013 to 12pm 12th May 2013

    Click here for full Terms & Conditions.



    • Kerry Distel 01 May 2013

      The answer is Pumpkin soup. My favourite dish would have to be Moroccan Chicken Casserole with Lemon Apricot and Couscous on the side.

    • Mel Hampton 01 May 2013

      Pumpkin soup! My favourite winter warmer is beef goulash or lamb casserole! Yum! Can't go past a good stew on a cold winter night!

    • cheryl vickers 01 May 2013

      pumpkin soup. Any casserole, stew or a good heart soup is a good way too warm you up on a cold winter night

    • karina w 01 May 2013

      Pumpkin soup. My favourite soup is pumpkin and sweet potato soup. Chunky, filling, tasty - it's a meal!

    • Taryn Fields 01 May 2013

      Pumpkin Soup. My favourite winter warmer is creamy tomato soup. Nothing warms me up better.

    • sue 02 May 2013

      Pumpkin soup.....nothing can beat a good irish easy to make in a slow cooker

    • Ana 02 May 2013

      Pumpkin Soup. I always love to cook black beans with chunk bits of gravy beef and chorizo served with steamed rice.

    • Debra Cannon 03 May 2013

      Pumpkin Soup. My favourite winter warmer is slow cooker corned beef ... YUM!

    • Fiona Schofield 03 May 2013

      Pumpkin soup. Love lamb casserole in winter.

    • Bill Halliwell 03 May 2013

      Pumpkin. Best winter warmer is an Ox-tail en Matelotte recipe from Menon in 1756. Deep, rich beef and red wine casserole. Excellent!

    • Elise McDonald 03 May 2013

      smooth Pumpkin Soup! My favourite winter warming meal is my secret recepie of chicken philli cheese Corn Chowder. Tastes great!

    • Vanessa 03 May 2013

      Pumpkin soup but the best winter warmer is hot lentil soup with crusty bread rolls straight from the oven (butter too if I'm feeling naughty).

    • Judi Adams 03 May 2013

      Pumpkin Soup. My slow cooked lamb shanks would be even more delish, If I had a pressure cooker to enahnce the flavours amd intensity of flavours in my dish

    • Ros McFarlane 04 May 2013

      I love a one pot wonder, You can make a hundred and one things in their. Great to put it on in the morning and have it ready for when you come home, Soup, Stews and so much more. Love it.

    • Anna 04 May 2013

      Pumpkin soup. Love lamb shanks with
      Red wine sauce & lots of mash potatoes :D

    • Penny George 04 May 2013

      Pumpkin soup, winter must,
      enjoyed with rain, lots of muddy dust.
      Kambrook makes cooking a breeze,
      gives me time for an afternoon sleep !!!

    • Alison 04 May 2013

      It's Pumpkin soup - YUM! Lamb shanks with red wine, garlic, rosemary on boiled rice or mashed potatoes, warms my heart and soul and toes!

    • Carol James 04 May 2013

      It was Pumpkin and guess what, that is my Favourite soup of all time.

    • Gavin McFarlane 04 May 2013

      How cool is this. One pot wonder, Throw all ingredients in, pumpkin, potato and chicken stock. Cook on low heat, take out and sieve. You will have the best pumpkin soup around. Yep, yep and yep, delicious.

    • Jane Huxtable 05 May 2013

      Pumpkin soup, yum... Our favourite winter warmer meal is corn beef done in the slow cooker with all the trimmings, cabbage, baby carrots, potatoes cooked in with beef and white sauce...

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