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My favourite Kambrook appliance is no doubt the Wok. I use it nearly every day and that’s not a lie. It’s easily cleaned and nice & big (doesn’t m... Continue reading
Two weeks ago I succumbed to the winter cold that my children had shared with me. This week I can feel my throat tickling again so I have been drinkin... Continue reading

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This breakfast shake tastes just like rhubarb crumble. The rhubarb in our vegetable garden is producing beautifully right now and I have been making c... Continue reading
With the Kambrook Rice Master Rice Cooker you don’t need to be a Chef to be able to make yummy Risotto, you just need a Rice Master. Don’t believe me?... Continue reading

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Kale is one of our family favourites in Winter. We became quite addicted to it a couple of years ago when we started growing it in our vegetable garde... Continue reading
Beetroot is one of the few vegetables that can be grown year around in many areas of Australia. It is a great addition to a backyard garden as it is ... Continue reading
Yes, the rice cooker is essential! I grew up with one and couldn’t imagine living without this appliance. Over the weekend, I took the Kambrook 5 Cup ... Continue reading
Welcome Winter.  The fresh produce of Winter can seem a little dull when compared to the variety of stone fruit and berries that are abundant in ... Continue reading
A busy kitchen really benefits from good appliances.  It makes cooking so much easier and saves you time and money.  The recent addition of ... Continue reading

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This is my favourite Blitz2Go shake that I have made to date.  We have had our Blitz2Go for well over a year now and it is used regularly.  ... Continue reading
Rockmelons (cantaloupes) are in season in Australia through Summer and into Autumn. Be sure to enjoy them prior to Winter beginning and the variety of... Continue reading
I don’t know about you but I can feel Winter creeping up faster than I would like. The days seem shorter and we are beginning to ward off the dreaded ... Continue reading
Modern day pressure cookers have come a long way from those some of us will remember from childhood. Used properly, pressure cooking is a fail-safe wa... Continue reading

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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we’re celebrating the little things that make gift giving extra special. Here are our favourite fun and practical ... Continue reading
Kombucha is a tea based probiotic drink. It is naturally low in sugar and is said to have many beneficial health properties. I purchased the Kombucha... Continue reading
Buying produce in season means you are buying the freshest foods grown locally, at the best price possible. As we transition into autumn, it’s a good ... Continue reading

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Autumn in my kitchen garden is producing rhubarb. I love that this allows me to go and grab a stalk here and there as needed.  If you are not gro... Continue reading

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With Easter fast approaching, we’ve compiled some of our favourite seafood recipes and tips to help you plan your Good Friday menu. Tips: Build a ... Continue reading

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Autumn is the time to indulge in figs.  A little exotic and somehow luxurious in flavour the fig is a wonderful addition to your Blitz2Go recipe ... Continue reading
This promotion was the first of its kind for Kambrook and we wanted to give our loyal fans the opportunity to showcase their culinary talents. Through... Continue reading