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    Everyone loves a smoothie. They are such a great way to get extra fruit and nutrients into your daily diet. As a busy mum I am already in the practice of making my boys a breakfast smoothie on the days we had to be out the door early, but I rarely made them for myself? Why? Probably because after I made the first smoothie and had to clean the jug ready to make my own, I just couldn’t be bothered.

    Well the Blitz2Go from Kambrook has changed this. I can now make as many different smoothies as I want because you make them in the container you will be drinking the from… fantastic. No clean ups in between and I can start enjoying smoothies and other drinks again.

    The Blitz2Go has been a welcomed addition in my kitchen. Now it's easy for me to create smoothies and enjoy them later in the day (kept refrigerated until ready to drink.) This also means I have also  started to experiment with different fridge and freezer ingredients to make all types of smoothies and drinks.

    The Blitz2Go is perfect for blending steamed vegetables to make baby puree, making dips and smooth sauces. You will find many ways to incorporate the Blitz2Go into your everyday life. I know I have.

    Tip to eliminate fridge waste:

    We all end up with fruit that is a little to soft to enjoy as eating fruit, so instead of throwing it to the compost either blitz it up and drink or freeze it for later use. A little bit of effort once a week means you will reap the rewards for months to come as you will have frozen fruit ready to go. My freezer now has grapes, pears, bananas and strawberries, I can’t wait to add to this when the summer fruit comes out.

    Here are 5 smoothie recipes the family and myself have been enjoying made in the Blitz2Go.

    Fruit & Vege Frozen Crushie


    The frozen strawberries and grapes in the drink give it a nice icy texture, while the carrot boosts your daily vegetable intake.

    This is my favourite 3pm pick me up smoothie. I make it in the morning and keep it in the fridge at work.


    • 1 carrot, peeled and chopped into 2cm pieces
      6 Frozen strawberries
      6 Frozen grapes
      1 Apple chopped, core removed
      Enough cold water to cover the fruits and Vege in the blitz2go drink bottle.


    1. Place all the ingredients into the drink bottle, making sure to put the frozen ingredients in last.
    2. Blitz for 20 seconds.


    Mum On The Run Smoothie


    This smoothie is perfect to prepare when you don't have time to stop for lunch. The Chia seeds help to keep you full and the natural sugars keep you going.


    • 1 Banana, frozen or fresh
    • 6 Strawberries, frozen or fresh
    • 2 Dates
    • 6 Tablespoons of pre-prepared soaked chia seeds


    1. Enough almond milk to cover the fruits.
    2. Place all the ingredients except the chia seeds into the blitz2go drink bottle. Blitz for 10 seconds.
    3. Add the chia seeds, place the drink bottle lid on and shake to combine.

    Virgin Piña Colada


    If I closed my eyes really hard I could imagine I was back in Fiji on my honeymoon as I sipped this beauty.


    • 200ml Coconut Cream
    • 1/2 Cup Canned Pineapple pieces in juice
    • 1/2 Cup of the Pineapple juice from the can of pineapple pieces
    • 1 Cup Ice
    • 1 Tsp Sugar


    1. Place all ingredients in the Blitz2Go and blitz for 10 seconds.
    2. Enjoy in your favourite glass with some mint and a side of pineapple.


    Kids Breakfast Smoothie


    This is my go to breakfast when we are in a hurry. I know the boys will drink it and it's full of everyone's breakfast favourites.


    • 2 cups milk
    • 1/4 Cup Quick Oats
    • Handful blueberries or strawberries
    • 1 Banana, chopped
    • 1/2 Tbs Cocoa or Milo
    • 2 Tbs Vanilla Yoghurt


    Place all ingredients in the Blitz2Go and blitz for 10 seconds. 


    Summer Mocha Granita


    Enjoy coffee all year round with this perfect summer morning pick me up.


    • 1 Shot espresso, cooled or 1 Tsp instant coffee dissolved in a little water
      1 Tbs Drinking Chocolate
      2 Cups of Milk if choice
      1 Cup Ice or 1/2 Cup Ice cream if you want it creamy


    1. Place all ingredients in the Blitz2Go and pulse for 10 seconds.



    b2ap3_thumbnail_image.jpgRecipes created and shared by Amanda Voisey.

    Cooking For Busy Mums was founded 4 months after my first son was born in February of 2010 when I quickly realised that the meals my husband and myself had become accustomed too were a thing of the past.

    Meals would have to be quick, simple, cost effective, and dinner time made as hassle free as possible.

    I decided it would be great to share my recipes with fellow busy mums and create a community where we can all help each other with answers that were tried and tested as apposed to being "googled".

    Here are my links:

    Blog | Facebook | Instagram| Pintrest

    • muppy 31 October 2013

      Now I'm craving a smoothie, love the idea of dates.

    • Aysha 03 November 2013

      Hi, I'm looking for a blender that would make smoothies as well as grind nuts, flaxseeds and coffee, have you tried grinding with this machine? thanks!

    • Tania @ A Perfect Pantry 06 November 2013

      Hi Aysha

      We don't recommend grinding nuts, flaxseeds, or coffee in the Blitz2Go, as this may damage the plastic bottle and blades. Blending these ingredients together with liquid is okay to do, and we have a few recipes that inlcude nuts. But without liquid, we don't recommend it. The same applies to ice - liquid is required. Hope that helps.

    • kay 20 December 2013

      hi silly question with the blade on the blitz2go can that be wash fully under water or do i have to be careful to not get it fully wet , thank you

    • A Perfect Pantry 17 September 2014

      You can wash it fully under the running water, but you will need to ensure it is completely dried before using it again.

    • Charlotte 04 February 2014

      Yum! I'm definitely thinking of buying a blitz2go - it seems so convenient :) When you use carrots, do you pop the raw carrots pieces straight in or did you steam or cook them to soften them first? :)

    • A Perfect Pantry 17 September 2014

      Hi Charlotte, you can add diced up pieces of raw carrots, but do ensure you add sufficient liquid.

    • Matty 10 August 2014

      I find that they have awesome power will be using ours really zoo now I have seen some of these ideas

    • lyn Benson 17 September 2014

      Hi just wondering how you would go doing lemons in it ? I've had mine a little while & am only getting into smoothie making & I've come across a lemon & celery recipe could it be done?? Thank you lyn :)

    • A Perfect Pantry 17 September 2014

      Hi Lyn, if you peel the lemon and dice it first, it won't be a problem. Just remember to add sufficient liquid:)

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