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10 Ways with Hot Cross Buns

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    During Easter you can always find me with food in my hand and mouth, in particular chocolate. I’m daydreaming about the dark chocolate bunnies right now. Easter is a holiday where I beg my thighs to forgive me. I admit Easter is my Achilles heel. Yeah I know, a tad dramatic, but that’s just the way I am!

    Making hot crossed buns is great, but what do you do when your boyfriend says he wants them and then doesn’t eat them? Not to name names. Check out what I do with my left over hot crossed buns to save them from the trash and then give me a few more ideas!

    Basket of Hot Crossed Buns

    1. Bread and Butter Puddings – Substitute the white bread with sliced hot cross buns.
    2. Apple Crumble Toppings – Crumble stale hot cross buns and use instead of breadcrumbs.
    3. French Toast – Substitute the bread with sliced hot cross buns.
    4. Ice Cream Sandwiches – Simply slice the buns in half, toast lightly and fill with your favourite ice cream.
    5. Spiced Croutons – Dice hot cross buns into rough squares and lightly panfry in butter until crisp.
    6. Trifle – Substitute the sponge fingers with sliced hot cross buns.
    7. Tiramisu – Layer the base of the tiramisu with sliced hot cross buns.
    8. Summer Puddings with Spiced Bread Layers – Great with in season fruits such as stone fruit.
    9. Toasted with Fig Paste and Blue Cheese – A decadent breakfast treat.
    10. Pie Bases – Process to make bread crumbs, blend with butter and back into your favourite pie base.

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