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Kambrook has recently launched the Air Chef air frying oven. You’ve probably seen it, or a similar competitor brand, cooking up chips in a healthier f... Continue reading
Now that the kiddos are back to school we have all been able to get ourselves into a routine.  Breakfast gets eaten, lunch boxes get packed, dinn... Continue reading
I’ve lost count of the number of gasps I received whenever I talked to family and friends about my air frying oven. I tell them that you don’t need to... Continue reading

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With January 26 fast approaching, Australia Day is a day for getting together with family and friends. It’s a day to celebrate all the great things ab... Continue reading
It’s getting harder and harder to find snacks, treats and meals to satisfy our little people for their little tummies and their lunch boxes. You have ... Continue reading
Several months ago the Cooking For Busy Mums kitchen received the Kambrook Bread Maker, and to see it has been a welcomed addition is an understatemen... Continue reading
Breathe out, you survived another Christmas and now it’s time to make your way through all those leftovers in the fridge and pantry.  Each year, ... Continue reading

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Christmas is upon us and everyone is rushing around trying to find the perfect gift. But what do you get for those people in your life that you just ... Continue reading
With the weather warming up, we've been creating some yummy new Blitz2Go recipes inspired by delicious coconut water from our good friends H2COCO. Som... Continue reading
With Christmas just around the corner and the Party Season in full swing, it’s dishes like these that make celebrations so special. While prawns may b... Continue reading

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For those who are health-conscious and want to scale back their calorie intake, there are ways to create favourite snacks and dishes with little to no... Continue reading

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The recent National Nutrition Week aimed to raise awareness around Australians’ eating habits. The initiative encourages Australians to plan ahead and... Continue reading
Lately I have been inspired and found my spark I had in the kitchen when using the Kambrook Air Chef. There were meals I had tried previousl... Continue reading
For me I needed to see that the Air Chef could be a beneficial appliance in my kitchen. I wanted it to prove to me that it would make my life easier a... Continue reading
Ahhh, Winter. I love this time of year. I love it for the warming slow-cooked braises and roasts, the zing of citrus, the feeling of hibernating in co... Continue reading
With so many different cuts of beef available, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed at in the meat aisle of your local supermarket. As a rule of th... Continue reading
We saw so many delicious recipes submitted to the Kambrook Mum's Choice Awards competition, and even though we had 12 winners, it was still a difficul... Continue reading

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As the weather cools I love meals prepared in the slow cooker. The ingredients are moist and full of flavour It is perfect for cooking cheaper cut... Continue reading
When I was growing up my Nan often made coleslaw. It was usually served with chicken, or chops.  Back then I found the dressing to be sharp and t... Continue reading
With the help of our fantastic Blitz2Go fans, we have collated the best recipe ideas into one inspiring and downloadable FREE e-book. From healthy bre... Continue reading