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Need a great Mother’s Day gift idea? Check out our new TV commercial for Kambrook's One Pot Wonder range featuring four great products under $100. Nudge nudge, hint hint!

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  I am old enough to recall Pressure Cookers in their first incarnation and can tell you with confidence they were once a frightening appliance ... Continue reading
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When I was young, Easter egg hunts were not organised very well in my family. It was all about collecting the greatest number of chocolate eggs, so speed was of the essence. This in hindsight made little sense since mum used to split the eggs evenly between the kids after the hunt. But it did give us bragging rights if we found the most eggs.

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During Easter you can always find me with food in my hand and mouth, in particular chocolate. I’m daydreaming about the dark chocolate bunnies right now. Easter is a holiday where I beg my thighs to forgive me. I admit Easter is my Achilles heel. Yeah I know, a tad dramatic, but that’s just the way I am!

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Last weekend was my partner’s birthday. It was a drizzly weekend but we made the most of it, finding ourselves tripping through wineries and dancing through stunning restaurants with impressive menus. 

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A few weeks ago, I spent a sunny Saturday at Sule’s house where she runs her 'Gourmet Touch Turkish Cooking Classes'.

Sule takes pride in introducing new tastes to people through the Cronulla and Bundeena markets. Her classes include ingredients that many people may not know how to use and encourages them to create delicious and exciting dishes at home.

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After our first ordeal driving a car in America, we arrived at the pineapple plantation in Hawaii. Yes, there was an incident where we may have driven on the wrong side of the road, lost our map out of the window and screamed at each other until we laughed hysterically but we made it, and that was the main thing.

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I met Tim, my local butcher at the growers markets in Ramsgate near my place. We had a chat about the important things when buying and cooking meat. Let us take care of your wallet and your taste buds.

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A couple of weeks ago, Gina and I were in Melbourne with a few hours to spare on Saturday morning. We knew exactly where we were going – the Queen Victoria Market.

Neither of us have been before, but heard so many great things, so we went in with high expectations. Let me say – we were not disappointed. I loved the different precincts in the market – deli hall, meat hall, fruit & vegetables, and lots of bargains. I want such a market right next to my place, back in Sydney.

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